Aussie Vodka
– producers of premium Australian Vodka.

Aussie Vodka Pty Ltd is a privately owned producer of Luxury Australian Vodka.

Founded in 2006 and based in Perth Western Australia, Aussie Vodka produces small batch handcrafted vodka, made to the highest possible standards.

Aussie Vodka brands are distributed in Australia and across North America with additional markets being added with appropriate distribution partners as production increases.

Our People

Executive Chairman - Ms. Rosanna Mancuso


  • Holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing and Management
  • Extensive experience in the banking and finance industry


Rosanna has recently been appointed Executive Chairman of Aussie Vodka due to her extensive management experience having successfully managed her own financial services business since 1997. Rosanna has extensive experience in capital raising and private funding opportunities which will be beneficial to Aussie Vodka as the company looks to raise further capital for its global expansion vision.

Rosanna is currently responsible for the day to day operations of Aussie Vodka, which includes daily communications with our Director of Export Marketing based in China as well as our appointed USA Importer Mr. Dexter King of Morpheus Imports.

Rosanna is currently looking to appoint a suitable and highly industry qualified Chief Executive, whose primary role would be to expand the company globally.   

Director of Export / Marketing (South East Asia Region) - Ms. Yanan Hou (Ivy)


  • Extensive Experience of South East Asian Markets
  • Highly skilled in business development and Networking.
  • Excellent business acumen skills. 


Ivy was recently appointed Director of Export / Marketing (South East Asia Region) because of her ability to negotiate at high levels with suppliers, bottle manufacturers and distributors based in China. Originally from China and having studied in Perth Western Australia, Ivy has been successful in sourcing and negotiating favorable terms with Chinese bottling agents and distributors as the company aims to directly export globally from China. Apart from her ability to negotiate, Ivy has a vast network of China based investment resources.  


USA Importer /  Business Development Manager - Dexter King


Dexter is President of Morpheus Imports and who has agreed to import our DOT AU and Bloody Oath to the USA. Dexter has extensive experience in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry having worked with Moet Hennessy, Proctor and Gamble and Coca Cola.

Dexter has over 10 years’ experience in marketing alcoholic beverage products and he has a vast network of suppliers, distributors and retailers who he can call upon to assist DOT AU and Bloody Oath penetrate the lucrative USA vodka market

From 2007-2009, Dexter was the senior brand manager with Diageo’s Reserve (luxury) Brand Group. Prior to joining Diageo, he served as a senior brand manager at Moët Hennessy USA where he led Hennessy’s Privilege VSOP and its luxury Prestige Range.

From 2003-2007, prior to entering the alcoholic beverage industry, Dexter was a brand manager at Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta and from 1999-2003, Dexter was responsible for marketing many of their flagship products including, Dasani, Diet Coke, Fruitopia, Cherry Coke and Minute Maid sodas.

Dexter has taken on the responsibility of marketing and distributing DOT AU and Bloody Oath throughout the USA, with the aim of opening our USA office in New York in March 2014.