Mix’em Up

We are always welcome to new cocktail suggestions. If you have suggestions for cocktails which can be made using DOT AU or Bloody Oath! please send them through to info@dotauvodka.com.au. The best cocktails will be added to this list.


Perfect Match

Glass – Martini
Garnish – Curled lemon rind
45ml DOT AU
15ml Lillet
5ml Lemon Juice (one slice of lemon squeezed by hand)
Slice of lemon

In the glass of a boston half filled with ice add a slice of lemon, DOT AU, Lillet, lemon juice and stir until chilled and a smooth after taste is achieved (count to ~25 stirs and taste), double strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish.

Dot Hits the Spot
Glass – Margarita
Garnish – Pineapple slice
Half of a pineapple wheel (4 pieces)
30ml DOT AU
15ml Cointrea
60 Pineapple Juice
60-90ml Sparkling wine

In the glass half of a Boston shaker muddle the pineapple pieces (RIND/SKIN REMOVED), pour in DOT AU, Cointreau and juice. Fill with ice and shake hard to achieve the creamy pineapple effect. Double strain into a chilled Margarita glass and top with a touch of Sparkling wine. Garnish.

Azula aka the blue flame

Glass – Goblet
Garnish – Orange slice and cherry (fired sugar rim)
30ml Mount Gay white rum
30ml Blue Curacao
2 dash’s rhubarb bitters
1/4 Lime
Lemonade to top

Add all ingredients into a boston with ice, shake hard. Empty two sachets of sugar onto a saucer and pour some DOT AU Vodka over the top (not too much! But enough that it will light up). Carefully rim the goblet glass with molten sugar putting on a little bit of a show for the customers. Pour the shaken mixture into the goblet while the rim is still on fire. If you’ve made the drink right there should be a small amount of whitish smoke coming up from the glass. Top with a touch of lemonade and garnish 

Australian (ozzie) Ice Tea
Glass – Tall glass
Garnish – Wheel of lemon
15ml DOT AU vodka
15ml Gin
15ml Bloody Oath
10ml White rum
30ml Sour mix
Fill with Bundaberg ginger beer

Shake all ingredients (apart from ginger beer), Strain into a tall glass with FRESH ice and top with the ginger beer. Give it a gentle stir and garnish.

Hibiscus Cosmo

Glass – Martini
Garnish –  hibiscus flower
30ml Vodka
15ml Cointreau
10ml Hibiscus juice
15ml lemon juice
60ml cranberry

Add all ingredients to a shaker, add ice, shake, double strain into glass. Garnish with flower


Oath! and Passion

Bloody Oath! served tall over crushed ice with cloudy apple juice, fresh lime and tart passion fruit.

60ml Bloody Oath!

60ml Cloudy Apple Juice

1 Passionfruit

2 Diced limes

Build and smash with crushed ice. Served in a Cocktail highball

Aussie Oath!

Martini Fresh raspberries and pineapple juice shaken with Bloody Oath! liqueur, DOT AU vodka and Creme de Framboise.

20ml Bloody Oath!

20ml DOT AU

20ml Creme de Framboise

60ml Pineapple juice

3 Raspberries

Shake and double strain into a chilled martini glass.


Sweet, sour and herbal balance.

1 Whole lime wedged

3 Barspoons of raw sugar

60ml Bloody Oath!

Smash lime and sugar into a paste and add Bloody Oath!, smash with crushed ice. Top with a little more ice and enjoy!

Irish Oath!

30ml Bloody Oath!

30ml Irish Cream

Pour the Bloody Oath! over crushed ice in a rocks glass. Pour Irish Cream and stir with a swizzle stick.

The etiquette of ‘shouting’

According to Australion drinking etiquette, it is decidedly poor form to drink by one’s self!

This first rule of social intercourse gave rise to the peculiar Australian tradition of ‘shouting’, or buying drinks for all others in close proximity, possibly in an attempt to entice them to join company.

The unspoken, but well known rules of ‘shouting’ are:

  • dont accept a ‘shout’ unless you are prepared to follow suit in your turn
  • never upgrade your drink of preference on another’s ‘shout’
  • keep pace with others in company - dont ‘drag the chain’
  • maintain your turn - avoid at all cost, being reminded that it is your ‘shout’
  • keep the ‘shouts’ income and gender neutral