The long voyage

Be it distinctly avant garde, DOT AU has never forgotten its humble beginnings and those from across the world who contributed to it.

Our premium ‘white spirit’ owes its origins to a resourceful, long forgotten Russian immigrant of the 1850’s, who ingeniously adapted the tradition of producing fine vodka in his new home and country - arguably the first Russian-style vodka to be produced in Australia.

Tested and refined by successive generations, the unique process left our shores when a young descendant departed for North Africa to ioin the allied forces in World War 1.

What became of him is unknown, other than a chance meeting with a Scot in the British Army, with whom he traded the knowledge to produce this fine vodka.

For some 80 years, the ‘process sublime’ was secreted away in a chest in Scotland, passed down from father to son, until it was eventually discovered and returned to Australia in the custody of canny Scottish immigrants.

Now created using a unique blend of theworld’s finest Sugar Cane from a remote corner of Australia and ancient Artesian water, sourced from deep under the Australian continent, DOT AU is then triple distilled and cold filtered.

This unique small batch process creates a vodka like no other, providing sublime smoothness and purity that vodka drinkers around the world are discovering.

Once savored by a select few - all can now enioy a part of Australia ‘s history and spirit.